Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Marthinus Kruger is our registered tour guide.

After a career in law he opted for the tranquility of the Platteland

He found it in Fraserburg

He was quickly intrigued by the unique history of the town and its fossil treasures.

Having a keen interest in history due to his curious nature, he explored the history of Fraserburg. When the opportunity of tours arose, he was ready.

To enhance his knowledge of the history of Fraserburg and district, he works closely with the McGregor Museum, Kimberley.

Together they are busy with a historical “Walk through Fraserburg” booklet.

When the Guest Houses requested Marthinus to represent them on the Karoo Hoogland Municipal Ward Committee, he realized that Fraserburg biggest asset, Gansfontein pre-historic footprint paleo site had no guide.

No guide – no tourists.

As with the history of the town, he is a keen learner.

Under the guidance of Prof. Roger Smith, paleontologist, he learned the secrets of paleontology and, specifically, the fossils and fossil footprints of Fraserburg.

Today, paleontology is Marthinus hobby and passion.

His mentor is Dr Claire Browning, Karoo Paleontological Curator of Iziko Museum, Cape Town.

Marthinus is supported by Northern Cape Tourism. As such he participated in the African Tourism Indaba as well as the Gauteng Holiday Show.

He is also a member of SATSA, The Southern African Tourism Services Association ensuring that KAROO FOSSIL TOURS adhere to the highest standards of ethical and law principles of the tourism industry.

Marthinus is a friendly, outgoing and passionate person who wants you to come along, explore, learn and enjoy the ride!

See you in Fraserburg!!!